About Preventive Counselling Doctors training:

Preventive Counselling doctors, also known as healthcare preventive Doctors, are medical professionals who focus on preventing life-threatening diseases and promoting health in individuals and communities. Their training is specialized to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and address factors that can lead to disease or injury before they occur. Here are some key aspects of the training and role of preventive counselling doctors:

Training: Preventive counselling doctors typically begin their journey with a bachelor’s degree followed by a medical College or Institute, where they earn a degree of Doctorate. This training & education provide them with a foundation in general about balancing the elements with do’s & don’ts as prevention by diagnosis & counselling the following:

  • Current Concern
  • Lifestyle / Habits
  • Cumulative Patient Profile
  • Functional Inquiry
  • Behavioral
  • Physical Examination
  • Labs/ Investigations
  • Immunizations
  • Other Preventive Topics

Continual Education: Preventive counselling doctors are required to stay updated on the latest developments in public health, and preventive methods through continuing medical education (CME) and professional development activities.

Practice and Responsibilities: Preventive counselling doctors work to prevent chronic diseases and injuries through a variety of means, including health education, immunizations, screenings, and policy development. They also are involved in research, data analysis, and the implementation of public health programs.

Collaboration: Preventive medicine doctors often collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as Preventive Counselling Doctors,  primary care physicians, and health educators, to develop and implement strategies for preventing disease and promoting wellness.

Overall, preventive counselling doctors play a crucial role in improving public health by identifying health risks, advocating for preventive measures, and working to reduce the burden of preventable diseases and injuries on individuals and communities. Their training equips them with the tools to address health issues from a proactive and population-based perspective.

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