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“Doctor at Doorstep”

A “Preventive Counselling Doctor at Doorstep” service typically refers to a Preventive healthcare service where a learned & experienced Preventive Doctor visits impersonal registered patients at home.
This Service is not a common treatment practicing service; This service is first-time initiated in India a step ahead to reduce the over medication, and prevent Hospitalization conditions for life-threatening diseases under the mission of “Healthy Life; Healthy Society”.

A registered Patient benefits the following during the Preventive Counselling Doctor at Doorstep Visit. Here are some key points to understand about this service:

Educates about quality lifestyle...

Attending doctors educates patients about healthy lifestyles & health prevention, This awareness to parents may help the upcoming generations (children) to keep safe from health complications that lead to a short life.

Helps to Keep away from Life-threatening Diseases….

Keeps safe from chronic diseases due to unawareness of lifestyle & medication such as High Blood Pressure (HTN); Diabetes (Blood Sugar); Stress and anxiety; Cholesterol; Thyroid; Neurological disorder; Bone diseases; Menopause & PCOS; Digestive problems; Infertility (maximizes chances of becoming pregnant); COPD; Cancer; Chronic Kidney Diseases etc.

Analysis of your Lifestyle as a Whole…….

A Counselling Doctor analyzes the symptoms of the individual (Registered Patient) from Head to Foot & observes each little concern in sufficient time of Counselling. Also guides / Advice for overall lifestyle modification as needed in daily life.

Reduces Over medication by Nutritional advice……

Medication adds toxicity to the body and after some time the body resists the medication, this is the major cause of inducing individuals with low immunity. Above this, adequate nutritional advice helps detoxification in an individual just by modifying his/her routine lifestyle habits.

Interval checkups 4 times/annum……

Vitals & Physical Examination during every visit; Explanation of the latest Blood Test Report (Body Profile); Advice about Do’s & Don’ts to improve your general fitness level & stay healthy; about allergy or intolerance to a certain food. The entire details of diagnosis & counseling will be noted in the Patient allotted file.

This service is most important for the people who want to live a Healthy Life; The patients who are continuously adding the strength of medication then also unable to balance their diseases like high Blood Pressure or Diabetes; also, and the patients suffering from stress; anxiety; memory loss; Knee Joint Pain; in such case this helps to reduce the medication in routine life.

Other reasons to register for this service:

Convenience: Doctor at Doorstep services offer convenience to patients who may have difficulty knowing the reason of unhealthier. This is especially valuable for patients above the age of 40, individuals (Nuclear families) with time issues to understand the diseases, or for those whose children are living separately or abroad & a couple living alone and have limited access to healthcare guidance.

Medical Consultation: Patients can receive medical consultations and advice from qualified healthcare professionals in the comfort of their homes. This may include routine check-ups, treatment advice for minor illnesses, medication management, and chronic disease management.

Regulations: Preventive Doctors at Doorstep Services is provided under the healthcare regulations. Our organization ensures that the healthcare professionals providing these services are properly trained and licensed.

Privacy and Security: Patient privacy and data security are crucial in health, and maintaining them is our priority. We assure you that the Doctor at Doorstep service provider complies with data protection and confidentiality standards.

Overall, the Preventive Counselling Doctor at Doorstep service is a valuable option for individuals who want to stay healthy & want to keep the life-threatening disease at bay. These services aim to improve access to healthcare, enhance convenience, and ensure that patients receive the necessary medical attention in a timely manner. This is the only service that works as a bridge between Acute and Chronic Diseases in the Health Sector.

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