Patient Policies

Patient Policies for Preventive Health Check-ups at Doorstep

First Visit as per confirmation of the Appointment.
(90 Minutes of Health Counselling by Doctor to Patient)
Second Visit after 90 days of First Visit.
(60 Minutes of Health Counselling by Doctor to Patient)
Third Visit after 90 days of Second Visit.
(60 Minutes of Health Counselling by Doctor to Patient)
Fourth Visit after 90 days of Third Visit.
(60 Minutes of Health Counselling by Doctor to Patient)

  • Registered Patients will be attended by a Preventive Counselling Doctor at the Doorstep, on the allotted Day & time.
  • Counselling and advice will be addressed only to registered Patients by Preventive Doctors.
  • In case of Patient Job Transfer during the year of Registration the patient’s remaining visits will be provided through technology platforms enabling Prevention for Patients via Video / Audio or Text whichever is comfortable for both Patient and doctor.
  • The patient is requested to keep the presence of one more person with him/her during the Visit of the Doctor at home. In case of non-compliance, the doctor may cancel the visit.
  • In case of a re-visit schedule due to patient non-availability / non-compliance with the policy during the fixed appointment time & date. The patient will be charged Rs.500/- extra for rescheduling of the Visit.
  • Any Scheduled appointment might be cancelled or delayed due to natural calamities; no extra charge will be levied from the patient & visit will be rescheduled.
  • The issued file life will be for one year from the date of the first visit, the same applies for annually paid fees including 4 visits per annum.
  • Other than the 4 visits if the patient requires more visits extra charges will be charged per additional visit.
  • The patient has to hand in the latest body profile report during the first visit & case during the diagnosis If more reports are required doctor may suggest the same.
  • Routine Health check-ups to be continued under the guidance of your Family Physician.